Overview of Projects

The STUDIO supports arts-research projects by the faculty, students, and staff of Carnegie Mellon University, as well as projects conducted by or with the STUDIO’s artists-in-residence, visitors, and external partners.

STUDIO Projects

Since 1989, in its role as the central research laboratory of CMU’s College of Fine Arts, the STUDIO has housed and administrated scores of laboratory-wide projects—often, conducted over multiple years, by interdisciplinary teams, with the participation of artists-in-residence, external sponsors, institutional partners, and/or student apprentices. (Examples include Workhorse Queen, the p5.js Contributors’ Conferences, Moon Ark, Conflict Kitchen, Deep Lab, the Warhol Digital Recovery Project, the Nine Mile Run Greenway Project, 3 Rivers 2nd Nature, and Journey Into the Living Cell.) Some STUDIO projects have also received support from the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Arts @ the Frontier (FRFAF).

FRFF-Funded Projects

Since 2013, the STUDIO has supported more than 400 CMU projects through our grant program, the Frank-Ratchye Further Fund (FRFF). Projects realized with FRFF funds are restricted to persons who are actively affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, and are typically conducted by sole creators or by small teams in timeframes under one year.

The Maddy Varner Mastication Grant for Time (and/or) Teeth Based Works

STUDIO Alumna Maddy Varner’s generous gift supports a $500 award for “work that chews the cud,” such as art about chewing, or creative inquiry which takes a long time to realize. The first recipient of the award was School of Art senior, Lumi Barron, who spent more than 700 hours training squirrels to act in tiny domestic scenes. Awards are made at the Director’s discretion.


The STUDIO has produced or collaborated on a number of publications, which are available in PDF format.