STUDIO Publications

Deep Lab Book
(2014) Deep Lab

The Deep Lab Book
Featuring contributions by Addie Wagenknecht, Allison Burtch, Claire L. Evans, Denise Caruso, Harlo Holmes, Ingrid Burrington, Jillian C. York, Jen Lowe, Kate Crawford, Lindsay Howard, Lorrie Faith Cranor & CUPS, Maddy Varner, …

University Artist-in-Residence Programs
(2013) Golan LevinShanae Phillips

This document presents a benchmarking survey of university-based artist-in-residence programs across the United States, with a particular focus on issues related to intellectual property policies and research in the field(s) of new-media arts.

Readings in Performance and Ecology
(2012) Theresa J. MayWendy Arons

Readings in Performance and Ecology
Edited by: Wendy Arons (Assoc. Professor of Dramaturgy, CMU), Theresa J. May (Asst. Professor of Theatre Arts, U. Oregon).
This ground-breaking collection focuses on how theatre, dance, and other forms of performance …

New Art / Science Affinities
(2011) Andrea Grover, et al.

The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University have co-published “New Art/Science Affinities,” a 190 page book written and designed in one week by four authors ( Andrea Grover, …

Better Together – An Inquiry into Collective Art Practice
(2007) Robin Hewlett

This report documents the collective residencies, as well as a symposium titled Creativity in Collective, which took place in November 2006 at Carnegie Mellon University. The work of STUDIO fellows such as Critical Art Ensemble, subRosa, Institute …

Benthic Organisms

This paper  gives a brief overview of some of the m~or groups of organisms that can be found in various aquatic systems. It was designed for a class as that was part of the 3 Rivers …