Current Projects

p5js Contributors Conference
The Deep Sweep
Deep Lab
The Drift
Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.
Clothing for Moderns
Warhol Data Recovery
Of Earth and Sun
Free Universal Construction Kit
Conflict Kitchen
Moon Arts Project
Center for PostNatural History

Previous Projects

Balance from Within
Computational Quilting
Painting with Natural Selection
The Sky Is the Limit / NYC
Performance and Ecology
Optimization of Parenthood
Brick iPhone
Art && Code: 3D
Listening Spaces
New Art/Science Affinities
Cuttlefish Dress
Easy Pieces
The Milk Truck
All My Girlfriends
wats:ON Speed, Hi-Speed Photo Booth
A/S/T Book Sprint
Space Arts Project
High Point Pittsburgh Investigation
Pittsburgh Gigapanorama Photo Shoot
Cheap 3D Scanning and the EyeWriter project
Guides to Controversy: Marcellus Shale
The New Artist
End of Code
Mobile Art && Code
Art && Code
Art && Code
The Pittsburgh Creativity Project
The Pittsburgh Signs Project
RedDust: A Multimedia Chamber Opera
Community Forest Project
The Ohio River LifeBoat Project
Centre Avenue Food
Sparta Institute
Using Computers to Understand Human Perception of Art
The Atlanta Center for Creative Inquiry
Persephone/Art Gardens Project
Televised Distance
Tissue Engineering for Life
3 Rivers 2nd Nature
Big Signal Antarctica 2000
Sex and Gender in the Biotech Century
Sustainable Landscape Architecture Project
Remote Furniture
Terminal Time
A Question of Perception
Pittsburgh: A City Seen
End of the Line
(1997) Stelarc
Art History Learning Environment
Nine Mile Run Greenway Project
Gray Matters: The Brain Movie
Journey Into the Living Cell
Scratch and Tickle
Rhythm Tutor
Acid Mine Drainage and Art Project
Light Dance
ITeN: Interdisciplinary Teaching Network
Reflux – A Telecommunication Art Project
The Networked Virtual Art Museum
The Oz Project
The Piano Tutor
Odyssetron – A Cybernautical Metamodel