Trans-Q TV Presentation

4:30PM Tuesday, February 11, 2014: Suzie Silver (creator/producer) and Scott Andrew (producer) present a frisky account of TQTV and screen highlights from upcoming episodes. At the STUDIO main space (CFA 111).

Nancy Cheng: Shaping Light with Folded Surfaces

4:00-6:00pm Wednesday, February 5, 2014: CoDE Lab (CFA 213) hosts Material Technologies Workshop_ Shaping Light with Folded Surfaces, led by Professor Nancy Cheng, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Oregon.

Lorrie Faith Cranor: Computers, Quilts, & Privacy

Join us in the STUDIO on Friday, November 1 from 12:30-1:30pm for a talk by quilt artist and STUDIO Fellow Lorrie Faith Cranor.

Creative Coding on the RaspberryPi with openFrameworks

Join us for a weekend of teaching, learning, hacking and making with the RaspberryPi and openFrameworks. Events include two workshops, a series of social mixers, and a day-long DevCon/Knitting-Circle.

Mark Allen Artist Lecture

5:00pm Wednesday, 2 October 2013: Los Angeles-based Artist/curator Mark Allen presents his influential work as founder of the Machine Project. At the STUDIO main space.

Heather Kelley Artist Lecture

5:00pm Wednesday, 18 September 2013: Indie game designer/artist Heather Kelley lectures about designing playful experiences, games-as-art, and her newest research in olfactory play experiences. At the STUDIO main space.