Extended Reality Creative Research Grant — Call for Proposals!

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU XRTC

The XRTC Creative Research Grant is a new collaboration between the STUDIO and Extended Reality Technology Center (XRTC).

To Apply, Please fill out this form by 11:59PM on September 25th, 2023.

Important Dates:
  • Call for Projects: August 28th – September 25th
  • Finalists invited to submit full applications: Oct 2nd – Oct 27th
  • Awardees announced and presented November 9th


Before September 25th, please fill out this very brief form in order to submit a project for consideration. A committee of CMU faculty and staff will then select a small group of applicants who will be asked to submit a more lengthy applications that will include a project budget, work samples and more details about their work. From that group our goal is to fund 3-4 projects with awards in the $1,000.00 – $6,000.00 range; as needed to meet the needs of each project.

What is the XRTC?
CMU is establishing a new research center around the topic of Extended Reality
(XR) Technology, called the Extended Reality Technology Center (XRTC). The XRTC is housed in the School of Computer Science with dozens of faculty members working on core topics in XR. The center brings together researchers and students from all over campus through research projects, courses, capstone projects,
scholarship programs and residencies.

What is considered XR for this process?

All topics related to creative research on XR will be considered for funding. Generally understood XR includes: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and other immersive forms that blend virtual and real experiences. Please feel free to expand the possibilities of XR in Arts in your nomination below.

Why this grant?
As a new and in development site for research and collaboration the XRTC team reached out to the STUDIO to collaborate on an investment in Creative Research in the XR field. This is a first step in a collaboration between the Arts and Sciences within the XRTC.

This grant is meant to both support and make visible creative research in the XR field. Selected projects will be supported by the STUDIO and a grant advisory committee to spend down their funds, professionally document their work and publish documentation on XRTC and STUDIO platforms. In addition, supported researchers will have the opportunity to connect with the XRTC cohort thus creating transdisciplinary possibilities at the outset of this new Center.

Who is eligible? 

Any CMU student, staff or faculty member currently working on a creative project in the Extended Reality field. Projects well suited for this award will be either already in process or of a size and scope that the assistance of this grant will help the project reach a state in which the work can become public. Group projects are welcome with at least one member currently enrolled or employed at CMU (outside collaborators are welcome).

Questions? Please email Director Nica Ross nross@andrew.cmu.edu