Journey Into the Living Cell

Led by Patricia Maurides, Rob Fisher, and John Pollock, Journey Into the Living Cell is a planetarium show made through a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Science Center. The show uses a program called the Group Immersive Visualization Environment (GIVE) that enables individuals to immerse themselves in the virtual micro-world of the living cell. By raising and lowering special infrared-sensitive paddles which are tracked in the darkness by a camera/imaging processing system, the audience determines the path of exploration inside the cell.

SFCI Archive: Group Immersive Visualization Environment, Journey Into the Living Cell (1996)

SFCI Archive: Night of the Living Cell (1996)

Journey Into the Living Cell was supported by the Center for Light Microscope Imaging and Biotechnology (using funds from Kodak), Mellon College of Science (using funds from Howard Hughes Medical Institute), Evans and Sutherland, Sky-Scan Inc., and the National Science Foundation.