Mellon College of Science

The Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University writes:

“The Mellon College of Science (MCS) is home to four departments: Biological SciencesChemistryMathematical Sciences, and Physics, and many programs and research centers that cross disciplines.

We approach scientific problems from fresh angles using innovative interdisciplinary approaches while drawing on our departmental strengths in the core sciences. MCS faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their research in a variety of fields, including polymer science, cosmology, mathematical finance and neuroscience.

We are innovators and forward-thinkers. Our alumni and faculty have invented materials and processes that have made a profound impact, like Kevlar® and CyDyes™.

Our innovations don’t stop there. MCS faculty members have channeled their ingenuity and interdisciplinary energy into developing a creative undergraduate curriculum. We designed courses and programs in emerging areas like green chemistry and developed a number of interdisciplinary degree programs that prepare our students to be at the forefront of science.

At MCS, we encourage our students to collaborate within and across disciplines. Many begin research early in their college careers. More than 70% of MCS students conduct undergraduate research, where they don’t just summarize or repeat previous research—they discover new science.

The Mellon College of Science has developed an integrative vision for science education. This multi-year initiative brought together faculty from across the College to develop a comprehensive model of curricular reform and authentic assessment.”

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