Sciuridaes (2020 Maddy Varner Award Winner)

Lumi Barron (2020)

Lumi Barron, the first recipient of the Maddy Varner Mastication Grant for Time and/or Teeth-based work, created her project Sciuridaes¬†for an assignment in Prof. Golan Levin and Prof. Nica Ross’s Experimental Capture course. Named after the scientific name for squirrels, Sciuridaes features recordings of squirrels eating at tiny dining scenes; to boost the anthropomorphism of the squirrels, Barron experimented with the STUDIO’s Edgertronic high-speed camera. Her project has been featured on CNN, Finnish television and many online blogs. You can follow her ongoing progress on the project’s Instagram account, sciuriouser_and_sciuriouser.

More information about the Maddy Varner Mastication Grant can be found here.