Reflux – A Telecommunication Art Project

Artur Matuck (1992)

The REFLUX project, directed by Artur Matuck, offered a telecommunications haven where artist and non-artists from many cultures could exchange ideas to create a multitude of artworks that belonged to no single culture, group, or person. In the making of these artworks, the creative processes were considered as imporant as the finished works themsleves. As a whole, REFLUX offered new meaning to individual works by examining their relationships to one another and to the project itself.

Using fax, computer, telephone, videophone, and regular mail, the project invited participants from across the globe to create proposals that encourages artistic response. The project resulted in numerous proposal-response artworks, as well as twenty-one telecommunications events and two interactive exhibitions. Events included the Faxfaxion/Clothesfax Teleperformance, which invited participants to fax photocopies of clothes to the gallery for models to dress in.

At its conclusion, all events and communications occurring during the project were documented and assembled into a multimedia Hypercard catalog complete with text, digital photos, and movies.