Guides to Controversy: Marcellus Shale

Denise Caruso, Robin Gianattassio-Malle (2010–Present)


This interactive site is in progress. For more information please contact co-director of the project, Denise Caruso:


Journalists-in-residence Denise Caruso and Robin Gianattassio-Malle produced an interactive “augmented audio” documentary on the fracking of the Marcellus Shale for natural gas — a controversial environmental issue in the Pittsburgh region. At the core of the project was a series of narrated, interlinked audio interviews with experts and stakeholders involved in or affected by the Marcellus Shale drilling. In seeking to improve the quality of discussion and decision-making regarding scientific discoveries and technological interventions, Caruso and Gianattassio-Malle developed new forms of interactive journalism to educate the public about both the utility and the limitations of scientific evidence and expert perspectives. Key to this new approach was the combination of traditional components of a story with supporting data and information.