Class Show: Interactive Art && Computational Design


Wednesday | May 4 | 2016
5:00 – 7:00 PM
Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
College of Fine Arts Building, Room 111

A final exhibit of projects from Prof. Golan Levin’s advanced studio in freestyle computing

INTERACTIVE ART && COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN is an advanced studio course in arts-computing and new media practice, with a special emphasis on information visualization and software art. Our core objective is the creation of new culture through exploratory software development. Topics surveyed in the course are tailored to student interests, and include: experimental interface design, data-driven cultural analytics, game design, real-time audiovisuals, locative and mobile media, computational form-generation, image processing and vision-based interactions, simulation, and more!

This exhibition features work by 26 students from 9 departments, including: Ajayan Subramanian • Akiva Krauthamer • Aprameya Mysore • Ben Snell • Bo Kim • Chelsea Kwong • Christopher Wei • Dan Moore • Dan Sakamoto • Erica Lazrus • Evi Bernitsas • Guy deBree • Irene Alvarado • Jessica Shen • Katherine Habeck • Kevin Karol • Luca Damasco • Maddy Varner • Oliver Daids • Paige Pritchard • Robert Zacharias • Safinah Ali • Samarth Bahuguna • Shouvik Mani • Zachary Rispoli • Zaria Howard