A Double-Exhibition of Interactive and Digitally Fabricated Arts

May 3, 2012 5:00 PM–May 3, 2012 7:30 PM

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
CMU College of Fine Arts, CFA-111

Students from Prof. Golan Levin’s “Interactive Art and Computational Design” class,  and from Prof. Ali Momeni’s “Digital Fabrication for the Arts” course, exhibit their final projects in this double-exhibition at the STUDIO.

Golan Levin‘s course in Interactive Art and Computational Design is an advanced studio course in arts-computing and new media practice. Topics surveyed include: experimental interface design, information visualization, game design, computational form-generation, image processing and vision-based interactions, augmented reality, dynamic typography, mechatronic and device art, physical computing and more. Teaching Assistants: Dan Wilcox & Patrick Gage Kelley.

Ali Momeni‘s course in Digital Fabrication for the Arts introduces students to the tools, work-flow, aesthetics and communities surrounding computer-aided fabrication and its creative applications within art practice. The CAD/CAM process is particularly well-suited for certain tasks, including the creation of multiples, for fabrication of functional/kinetic components, iterative prototyping of complex structures, scalable design, construction of large structures from repeated simple components, and other ingenious digital-physical work-flows.

Featuring projects from 37 students, spanning sophomores to doctoral students, from nine different departments:

From Golan Levin’s class, Interactive Art and Computational Design: Alex Rothera • Alex Wolfe • Billy Keyes • Blase Ur • Craig Fahner • Deren Guler • Duncan Boehle • Eli Rosen • Evan Sheehan • Heather Knight • Joe Medwid • John Brieger • Jonathan Ota • Ju Young Park • Kaushal Agrawal • Kelsey Lee • Luci Laffitte • Luke Loeffler • Madeline Gannon • Mahvish Nagda • Nicholas Inzucchi • Nir Rachmel • Sam Lavery • Sankalp Bhatnagar • Sarah Keeling • Varvara Toulkeridou • Xing Xu • Zack Jacobson-Weaver ///// AND ///// From Ali Momeni’s class, Digital Fabrication for the Arts: Caroline Record • Alan Herman • Paul Miller • Justin Lin • Alex Rothera • Alex Mallard • Max Perim • William Crownover • Nathan Trevino

Free to the public / Refreshments will be served.

Poster design: Eunice Chung