Art && Code: 3D

Half maker’s festival, half academic symposium, Art && Code: DIY 3D Sensing and Visualization (#artandcode) was a festival and conference concerned with the artistic, technical, tactical and cultural potentials of low-cost 3D scanning devices — …

Meet Computational Biologist Wendy Cornell

Hello STUDIO Friends and Fellows:
Tomorrow, we will host Wendy Cornell, a guest of the Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology.
She is an expert in biomedical research and the visualization of compounds in the drug discovery field. …

Roger Dannenberg Lecture: Music Understanding and the Future of Music

Carnegie Mellon University
Newell Simon Hall 3305
5000 Forbes Avenue, Oakland
September 22, 2011

“Music Understanding and the Future of Music”
Roger B. Dannenberg, Associate Research Professor of CS and Art at CMU, former STUDIO fellow
Music understanding is the automatic …


‘QUAD’ is Samuel Beckett’s wordless short play, written for television in 1981. Instead of spoken text for the actors to learn, Beckett provides stage directions and movement diagrams that he insists the performers follow exactly. …


Saturday, June 11
6:30pmEST, free + food
Pittsburgh Documentary Salon
at Pittsburgh Filmmakers
477 Melwood Ave, Oakland
in Classroom Theater, Room 210 (2nd floor, behind the elevator)

Michael Pisano and STUDIO staff member Jonathan Minard are the principals of deepspeed media …

Too Shallow for Diving: the 21st Century is Treading Water

American Jewish Museum
5738 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Opens at 7:00pm on May 14, show runs through July 28th with normal gallery hours

Six past fellows of the STUDIO will participate in an exhibition at the American Jewish Museum in …