Suzie Silver (2016–Present)
Set in a campy western mining town, Stinkhorn tells the tale of a lady blacksmith named Dusty and her naughty trickster paramour, Blaze. At night Blaze turns Dusty’s apprentices into horses and rides them all night long, Finally, Cassidy, the clever apprentice hatches a plan. A psychedelic trip wrapped in a queer western, Stinkhorn is a magical who-rides-who tale with a twist. Combining live-action, drawings, miniatures, and animation, Stinkhorn is the second story in, Fairy Fantastic!, a gender diverse folk and fairy tale series.
Stinkhorn is part of an ongoing project — Fairyfantastic — “which produces queer and experimental folktale videos for kids of all ages.” This project by Suzie Silver, Hilary Harp and many many collaborators was made possible in part by support from Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier Microgrant #2019-003.