Stages of Convergence: Exploring Action-based Platforms for Collaborative Prototyping

Shih-Hsueh Wang (2023)

This thesis by Shih-Hsueh Wang introduces platforms enhancing creativity, engagement, and empathy in collaborative design through action-based methods, focusing on body movement as a natural, intuitive medium for idea expression. Traditional design methods like brainstorming and storyboarding rely heavily on writing and drawing, often alienating those unfamiliar with these tools. In contrast, this research posits body movement as a more accessible, self-explanatory form of communication, augmenting collaboration.

The research investigates collaboration, participatory design, and drama in design, using workshops to gather data on motion-based design processes. These platforms use motion data input and projection output, with implementing a use case demonstrating their application in a design workshop. Findings indicate that these platforms significantly enhance creativity, engagement, and empathy in collaborative prototyping, especially when participants are comfortable with public body movements.

The thesis concludes by discussing its contributions, including identifying problems in collaborative prototyping, potential applications across various industries, and suggestions for future research. This work establishes a foundation for further exploration of action-based collaborative design platforms.

This project was made possible with support from the Frank-Ratchye Further Grant #2023-029