Show Queen

Scott Andrew and Jesse Factor (2022)

Show Queen is a dance-centered theater performance that stretches the genre of traditional dance by extracting the diva figure from Broadway musical productions and centers her as a product of queer fandom. Show Queen is a double-entendre title referring to the star of the show and a gay slang for a homosexual with encyclopedic knowledge of musicals and their stars. The central research of Show Queen is to excavate the figure of the “diva” for the juxtapositions that trouble her placement between glamor and the abject, female and male, real and fake. The project is a collaboration with Jesse Factor (Faculty at Point Park University, former Martha Graham Co. Dancer). Working with Jesse as the solo performer, Scott Andrew designs animation and video effects to fabricate ghostly presences of the dancer, atmospheric distortions, and disembodied symbols of her presence.

This project was made possible in part by the Frank-Ratchye Further Fund Grant #2022-044.