Mirage: Virtual Memory Spa

Ava Kling (2018)

Mirage: Virtual Memory Spa is an augmented reality experience and VR memory workshop. The Mirage exists as a series of expanded cinema performances to collect and share memories, and an online platform for fabricating VR recreations of individual’s “happiest memories.” To experience the virtual platform please visit virtualmemoryspa.org.

Mirage: Virtual Memory Spa by Ava Kling :: Supported by FRFAF (#2019-034) from STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on Vimeo.


The Mirage VR Fabricators work with individuals through interviews, collection of data, and online communication to recreate a personal “happiest memory” in virtual reality. The following video is an example from the Mirage Memory Vault. This individual memory can be explored through click and drag on the 360 video experience.

The Mirage: Virtual Memory Spa, can be visited on our platform virtualmemoryspa.org. The tour guide, MO, will guide you through the Mirage virtual site. This following video is her first set of instructions.

This project was supported by grant# 2019-034 from the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier.