Mi Gente Latino


“Mi Gente Latino (My Latin People)” is an interactive multimedia play that explores Latino immigration and its impact on the US. It combines comedy and drama to showcase the positive and negative experiences faced by Latinos during the immigration process. By sharing real stories of real Latinos, the play raises awareness about culture, diversity, inclusion, and the contributions of minority communities to society. It aims to highlight Latino culture and promote understanding among audiences.

Mi Gente Latino is lated for a second run in August of 2023. Full documentation is forthcoming while the production continues.

Producer: Tatiana Behar Russy.
Lead Actor: Ricardo De la vega Domínguez.
Actors: Gretchen Suarez-Peña, Yulieth Sánchez, Yesid García.
Video Editing: Jesus Padilla, Valeria Molina.
Lighting Design: Madeline Miller.
Director Colombia Unit: Cesar Darío Rodríguez
Technical Support: AB Tech.
Dancer: May Li.

Mi Gente Latino was made possible in part by the Frank-Ratchye Further Fund microgrant#2023-2021.