Location-Specific Domestic Cognition

Policarpo Del Canto Baquera (2021)

Location-Specific Domestic Cognition by Policarpo Del Canto Baquera :: Supported by FRFAF (#2021-033) from STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on Vimeo.


Location-Specific Domestic Cognition is a computer-vision-eccentric digital framework for real-time virtualization of physical interactions in the domestic space. This project was developed as part of Policarpo Del Canto Baquera’s thesis in the School of Architecture’s Masters of Science program in Computational Design (MSCD), Interfacing the Multiplexer Room: Speculative Spatio-Mediated Assemblages for the Digitally-Interfered Home (2021).

The framework was designed as a dual system with both physical and virtual dependencies. The physical spatial tracking was implemented through an ultra-wideband real-time location network, which precisely pinpoints the location of a hardware module in the room. A wearable device was designed to interface this localized tag with an IMU sensor and retrieve the absolute orientation of the user’s heading back to the computer serial port. In this experiment, both position and orientation were used to control in real-time the parameters of a virtual camera in a 3d modeling software.

Baquera’s work was supported in part by the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier, grant #2021-033.