Corridors of the Mind

Jules Przybylska (2021)

Corridors of the Mind is a physical and digital installation by Julita (Jules) Przybylska, an undergraduate student in the CMU School of Architecture.

The project presents a journey through the internal dialogue of an individual named Liv. On this journey, Liv learns about people and herself through intra-personal and interpersonal experiences. The digital portion of this installation consists of a booklet that can be scrolled through on the viewer’s phone. It contains the narrative of the experience. The viewer scrolls through while sitting on the physical portion of the installation. This physical piece resembles a bed, yet it is a sofa that is meant to sit two people. There is a foot rug under one of the two sitting spots of the couch. The foot rug has a quote that says “Being a narcissist is so much fun”.

This text is a series of poems and monologues that deal with life transitions and realizations over time, occurrences that don’t happen overnight yet evolve and build through an entire lifetime. Comfort is embodied in a piece of furniture in which objects have specific compartments meant only for themselves, no room for change or inconsistency. The layers of the pieces merge and separate in different parts, suggesting the blurred distinction between ourselves and our environments.

Corridors of the Mind was supported by Grant #2021-041 from the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier.