Reiko Goto

Former Fellows

The work of Japanese-born artist and Distinguished Fellow Reiko Goto has encompassed large multi-year ecological art projects with her frequent collaborator Tim Collins and others, as well as smaller more intimate installations designed to reveal natural processes and encourage discussion. Her work is international in scope yet also very local, often to the point of highlighting a specific insect or plant species as a subject for celebration and inquiry. Her art explores a form of “radical democracy” which creates entry points for the public into a much larger engagement with the human and non-human world.

Tim and Reiko were researchers in the STUDIO from 1997-2005.  Working with an interdisciplinary collaborative team, they directed 3 Rivers 2nd Nature and the Nine Mile Run project.  In fall 2005, they organized and initiated a series of public programs called the Monongahela Conferences and an exhibition titled: Groundworks, curated by Grant Kester of UC San Diego.  The exhibition examined international approaches to art, ecology and planning.