Olivia Cunnally

Videographer and Archivist

Staff and Students

Olivia Cunnally is the STUDIO’s videographer and media archivist, responsible for editing and stewarding the STUDIO’s collections of more than 600 videos and their associated metadata. A senior at Carnegie Mellon majoring in Art and Film, and minoring in Game Design, Olivia has a passion for storytelling, producing, and for combining art and technology. In her work, she aspires to center education, empathy, and whimsy, specifically for youth audiences.

Previously, Olivia has worked for WGBH as an Antiques Roadshow Intern and at the Jim Henson Company as a Feature Film Intern. She has also worked as an Audio & Visual Intern for Big Dipper Dough Co. creating commercials and managing marketing projects. These experiences have helped hone her script analysis and pre-production skills, towards her goal of becoming a producer in the film industry.