Laleh Mehran

Steiner Invitation Series Speaker


Laleh Mehran is an Iranian-born new media artist, Professor and the Director of Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver. Mehran creates elaborate environments in digital and physical spaces focused on complex intersections between politics, religion, and science. In a political climate in which certain views are increasingly suspect and can have extreme consequences, Mehran’s artworks are invitations to think again about each of these paradigms and the profound connections that bind them. Her research, often modeled on and about the very ideas of science and technology, takes advantage of their cultural importance in order to articulate a set of ideas which require precisely these kinds of mediations from both political and religious intolerance. Out of necessity, her artwork is as veiled as it is explicit, as personal as it is political and as critical as it is tolerant. Her work has been shown individually and collaboratively in the USA and international venues including ISEA, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, ACT Festival, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, Denver Art Museum, European Media Arts Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Fe International New Media Festival, and the Pittsburgh Biennial. At CMU, Mehran visited students in the Electronic Logics && Creative Practice course taught by Professors Heidi Wiren Bartlett and Robert Zacharias.