Chris Robinson


Former Fellows

Chris Robinson’s recent research has focused on the societal implications and role of images in the development of nanotechnology, a complex area of investigation opening a vast new world that exists at one billionth of a meter, a scale fundamental to the building blocks of life, and promises significant effect on our culture. Molecules can be visualized and manipulated atom by atom, images are playing an instrumental role, and these technologies are redefining how we see and what it means to see. His current work is in 3D models for pharmaceutical biotech, working with Synzyme Technologies and nanoBlood LLC on artificial blood for traumatic brain injury, stroke, and CC. Chris is an Associate Professor of Studio Art specializing in Sculpture and Digital Imaging at the Univeristy of South Carolina and he holds a BFA in Painting and Art History from Florida State University and MFA in Sculpture and Drawing from the University of Massachusetts. His current research revolves around Art, Science & Technology, Artist’s Role in Society, Installations, Laser and Ambient Light, Aviation & Space as well as Nanotechnology.