Invitation to Teach in the STUDIO!

Call for Applications
STUDIO hosted & supported Co-Taught Interdisciplinary Courses

Beginning Spring 2023 the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry will host co-taught interdisciplinary courses with an emphasis on creative research. The course should respond to the STUDIO’s mission. The STUDIO will host one class per semester and provide a small budget for classroom supplies, equipment and visitors. The class must be taught by faculty in different CMU Schools/Colleges/Departments with at least one faculty member from the Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts. For more information click here.

Apply here!

Info Session for Fall 2023 applications: January 31st at 5:00PM
Fall 2023 Deadline February 14th 11:59AM

Classes eligible for this opportunity must:

  • Be open to serving students across the University.
  • No prerequisites.
  • Communicate with your Department and/or School Heads prior to applying in order to ensure feasibility.
  • Applicants should consider the STUDIO, its affordances and constraints when considering if it can host the proposed course. Please note we are a “dry lab”.
  • The maximum number of students cannot exceed 25 and cannot be less than 15.
  • The class must be able to work in a way that allows the STUDIO to convert into a venue as necessary. Staff will assist in these efforts however instructors should note that multi-day set ups must be scheduled at the top of the semester.
  • This class does not need to be new or specifically designed for the STUDIO. However previously taught classes will need to meet all requirements above and may require some changes to do so.
  • Have class times between 8AM – 6PM – no evening classes due to STUDIO programming.


Application must include – Form here (only available via Andrew IDs).

  • Names, titles, school/department/college affiliations of the faculty
  • Semesters that this class could be taught: S23, F23, S24 are currently available.
  • Research profile and/or Bio for Instructors
  • Course Description
  • A brief statement describing how this course supports creative and interdisciplinary research.
  • Class details including: ideal # of students, scholarly studies served (a blanket: “all” is not acceptable, please be more specific), please describe any unique needs of the class such as specific equipment, etc..
  • If you’ve taught this course before please include a syllabus and describe how you’d like to use the STUDIO to augment the course.
  • If you have not taught this course before please include a brief statement of intent describing why this class now and why you’d like to teach it in the STUDIO


Applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of CFA faculty and staff. Please make no assumptions of your audience’s knowledge and work to be clear and concise with your application. If the committee has questions or requires clarification they will reach out to you and your co-instructor. The decision will ultimately be made via two primary factors: the class will be uniquely served and pedagogically improved by its presence in the STUDIO and secondly, the class serves the ultimate purpose of encouraging interdisciplinary creative research.