STUDIO Lecture // Non-Consenting Populism: Free Culture for Unwitting Participants with Jason Eppink

Wednesday, October 28th
Starting at 5:00 PM
Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
CFA 111, Carnegie Mellon University

installing the pixelator 2 (1)

Jason Eppink’s primary material is “surprise” and he believes everyone has an important role in making culture. He creates mischief like public interventions and Twitter bots when he’s not organizing exhibitions about video games, animated GIFs, and web cultures. In this talk, he discusses his role as both creator and curator of contemporary culture.

Jason Eppink is an American curator, designer, and prankster. His projects emphasize participation, mischief, surprise, wonder, generosity, transgression, free culture, and anti-consumerism, and they are staged in public spaces and online as street art, urban interventions, and playful online services and hoaxes, frequently for non-consenting audiences.

Eppink serves as Curator of Digital Media at Museum of the Moving Image in New York City and teaches at New York University. His work at the museum revolves around participation in a variety of fields, including video games, interactive art, remix, animated GIFs, and online communities. Additionally, Jason Eppink is a senior agent with prank group Improv Everywhere, a member of art collective Flux Factory, and a recurring character (40-Year-Old Goosey) on The Chris Gethard Show.