empathy machine

August 30, 2019–August 31, 2019

KST's Alloy Studios
5530 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

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An evening-length quintet, empathy machine is an imagined future, a beginning, an ending, an answer, and a warning. With intense physicality, responsive technology and heightened states of awareness, empathy machine questions societal reflexes by desexualizing intimacy, and examines empathy as an ongoing process of sensitizing ourselves to our bodies, companions, and environment. Collaboratively constructed with Projectile Object / Neil Henke and computational artist Char Stiles and performed by Ru Emmons, Roberta Guido, Simon Philips, Taylor Slowdanger Knight, and Anna Slowdanger Thompson, empathy machine takes a multidisciplinary approach to world building.

empathy machine is supported by The Opportunity Fund and Pittsburgh Foundation’s A. W. Mellon Grant. Additional support provided through residencies at Springboard Danse Montreal, The Space Upstairs, The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University and PearlArts Studios.