Eightinfinity Studio + Manual Cinema + Wishnok “Storytelling with Light and Shadow”

March 31, 2022–April 2, 2022

201 N. Braddock Ave [4th floor]

Nica Ross, Johaness DeYoung, Stephen Casper

Join us for an exciting 3-day workshop in storytelling through puppetry and installation. This workshop is presented as a cultural exploration using immersive projection, theatre, and music. Led by award-winning producers and artists.

Schedule [All located in Studio at 201 N. Braddock Ave]

  • March 31 5pm – Section One: Evening of Lectures and Presentations
  • April 1st 9am-5pm: Section Two & Three: Courses in Technique & creation
  • April 2nd 9am -5pm: Section Four: Performance Day, Performances @ 3pm.

Please RSVP to attend. To participate you must be able to attend all three days.