Creative Coding on the RaspberryPi with openFrameworks

October 11, 2013–October 13, 2013

Join us for a weekend of teaching, learning, hacking and making with the RaspberryPi and openFrameworks. Events include two workshops, a series of social mixers, and a day-long DevCon/Knitting-Circle.


The Raspberry Pi is a very exciting low cost computing platform aimed at the educational market. A full Linux computer with a 700Mhz ARM processor, it offers reasonable performance in a small package at a price of just $25, making it very attractive for creative computing projects.

The popular openFrameworks C++ toolkit allows access to many of the great features of the Raspberry Pi:

  • OpenGL ES 2 Graphics including Shaders
  • 1080p video (with shaders!)
  • Native camera access for 1080p video and 5MP still photos
  • Audio playback and processing
  • Networking
  • Multiple Pi communication and multi-screen applications
  • Arduino-like access to external sensors, inputs and outputs
  • Computer vision with OpenCV
  • Access to many other C/C++ libraries

The workshop will convey how to set up a comfortable work environment and the particulars of running openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi.


  • Friday Oct. 11:  6pm Drinks @ Butterjoint
  • Saturday Oct. 12:
    • Workshop I:    10am-1pm | Introduction to RPi
    • Lunch and Lightning Presentations!: 1pm-2:30pm @ SFCI
    • Workshop II:  2:30pm-5:30pm | RPi + openFrameworks
    • Social: 7pm @ Ali Baba
  • Sunday Oct. 13: 
    • openFrameworks + RPi DevCon + Knitting Circle (9:30am until dinner)


  1. Gather a tribe together!
  2. Introduce the Raspberry Pi capabilities
  3. Introduce a common working environment
  4. Debugging
  5. Provide  and demonstrate examples for
    • Creating applications for openFrameworks
    • OpenGL ES 2 Graphics and Shaders
    • Video playback and manipulation
    • Using USB Cameras
    • Audio capabilities
    • OpenCV
    • Multi-Screen Applications
    • Accessing external inputs/outputs with GPIO
    • Interfacing with  Arduino/AVR


  • Base workshop fee: $40 (General) / $20 (with CMU ID)
  • Hardware Kit (Required): $140

    To make sure we can all get up and running quickly and consistently, the Hardware Kit is required. If you do not purchase one, we ask that you please contact us (, with an explanation about how you intend to participate.


The STUDIO will provide:

  •  an 8GB SD Card with the following pre-installed:
    • Raspbian Wheezy hard float
    • openFrameworks 0.8.0
    • Examples and Demos
  • Monitors with HDMI input for all participants
  • power strips for all participants

Participants must bring:

  • Laptop with Mac, Windows or Linux
  • SSH capabilities; Windows users should download and install PuTTY
  • Text editor; Recommended: Sublime Text 2 (Mac/Win/Lin)
  • Some programming experience
  • Familiarity with openFrameworks

Workshop Leaders

 Christopher Baker @bakercp  Jason Van Cleave @jvcleave


Christopher Baker is an artist whose work engages the rich collection of social, technological and ideological networks present in the urban landscape. He creates artifacts and situations that reveal and generate relationships within and between these networks. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Art and Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jason Van Cleave is an Interactive Developer based in Cincinnati, Ohio where he specializes in interactive applications and mobile development. He is active in the openFrameworks community as the forum leader and is a contributor to the openFrameworks/Raspberry Pi project. Jason recently hosted an openFrameworks/Raspberry Pi workshop with Andreas Müller at the Resonate Festival in Belgrade.


Baker and Van Cleave will be joined by Dan Wilcox (@danomatika) and Dan Moore (@theDANtheMAN).

This conferences is co-organized by Ali Momeni and Golan Levin.

Travel to Pittsburgh

Coming from NYC? If flights are expensive, consider taking Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian train. Although it is slow and has a somewhat inconvenient schedule, it is only about $75-125, it has electrical outlets, and it has intermittent WiFi. It arrives relatively close to CMU as well (unlike the airport). You could arrive on Friday evening, just in time for drinks.

We have arranged a discount for hotel rooms at the nearby Wyndham University Center Hotel at 100 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh. Interested guests should contact Sue Moser (Senior Sales Manager) at +1.412.628.6248 or [smoser at] to make reservations. When making your reservation, please use code 72794 or reference “Raspberry Pi Workshop” to obtain the discount. The cutoff date for such reservations is September 27th.

Alternatively, online reservations can be made at as follows:
Enter zip code: 15213; Enter arrival/departure date; Click on special codes and rates; Click on group; Enter group code 10116841RA; Click OK; Click “find it”; the system will then populate the name of the group and the rate.


In order to best serve the needs of our diverse community in this limited-capacity workshop, we request that Carnegie Mellon students/faculty/staff interested in taking the course contact the workshop organizer with a paragraph describing their background and interest in participating in the workshop.  Interested parties outside of CMU can use the Eventbrite form below to reserve their spot.

Registration and hardware purchases will close on Monday September 23 at 11.59pm.

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We are grateful to our sponsors for making this event possible: