Designing Everyday Products with Social Robotics in Mind

March 26, 2024 5:00 PM–March 26, 2024 6:30 PM

4919 Frew Street
College of Fine Art Room 111
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Carla Diana

Join us in the STUDIO at 5PM on Tuesday March 26th for a special guest talk by Carla Diana, founder of the Cranbrook Academy of Art 4D Design Program.

This talk will explore the process of creating interactive objects and experiences by applying methods gleaned from the study of social robotics. Robot designer, technology author and design educator Carla Diana will share case studies from over a decade of projects that span from thermostats to hospital robots, describing how a holistic approach to design can give creative professionals a clear vision for making work that is built on meaningful, intuitive, and expressive interactions. Carla will delve into insights from her book, My Robot Gets Me: How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human (HBR Press 2021) as well as offer a glimpse into the labs at Cranbrook Academy of Art’s unique masters program in 4D Design.