wats:ON Speed, Hi-Speed Photo Booth

The STUDIO’s Riley Harmon and Dan Wilcox are working with wats:ON festival coordinators Pablo Garcia and Spike Wolff, and festival guest speaker Jeff Lieberman to build a hi-speed photo booth. Visitors will shake their faces and pop chewing gum bubbles within the intimate, spiral-shaped booth located within the College of Fine Arts’ great hall. The hi-speed videos will be immediately uploaded to YouTube.

Hi-Speed Photo Booth from deepspeed on Vimeo.

Hi-Speed Highlights from deepspeed on Vimeo.

Design: Pablo Garcia, Spike Wolff
Software: Dan Wilcox, Riley Harmon
Construction: Ben Finch, Joel McCullough, Sam Rashid, Kyle Rood


Thanks to FASTEC Imaging, Visual Instrumentation Corporation, and The Jill Watson Family Foundation