How To Put On a Sock

“How to Put On a Sock” was an interactive theatrical performance that explored sex education and abortion policy across America today. The media design team used real-time polling and animated projections to emulate a quintessential American high school where the audience followed the lives of V and Mehl, two American teenagers, in their journey of sexual exploration.

We created two worlds in parallel—the sex-ed world in a high school gym, and the memory world of V and Mehl. Throughout the play, the audience participated in sex-ed lessons alongside V and Mehl through anonymous, text-in polling with results displayed in real-time, as if they were high school students themselves. They learned about birth control, abortion, and STDs, while sharing their own opinions on these issues. The polls highlighted the similarities and differences in the audience’s values within the play’s larger discussion of national issues.
In between the lessons, magical transitions led the audience into V and Mehl’s memories. Their story began with innocent romance but ended in tragedy, forcing the audience to reflect upon the cause of this sexual violence, and how we as citizens could bring about change to our policies and culture.