A Double-Exhibition of Interactive and Digitally Fabricated Arts

Students from Prof. Golan Levin’s “Interactive Art and Computational Design” class,  and from Prof. Ali Momeni’s “Digital Fabrication for the Arts” course, exhibit their final projects in this double-exhibition at the STUDIO.

Golan Levin‘s course in Interactive Art and Computational Design is an advanced studio course in arts-computing and new media practice. Topics surveyed include: experimental interface design, information visualization, game design, computational form-generation, image processing and vision-based interactions, augmented reality, dynamic typography, mechatronic and device art, physical computing and more. Teaching Assistants: Dan Wilcox & Patrick Gage Kelley.

Ali Momeni‘s course in Digital Fabrication for the Arts introduces students to the tools, work-flow, aesthetics and communities surrounding computer-aided fabrication and its creative applications within art practice. The CAD/CAM process is particularly well-suited for certain tasks, including the creation of multiples, for fabrication of functional/kinetic components, iterative prototyping of complex structures, scalable design, construction of large structures from repeated simple components, and other ingenious digital-physical work-flows.

Featuring projects from 37 students, spanning sophomores to doctoral students, from nine different departments:

From Golan Levin’s class, Interactive Art and Computational Design: Alex Rothera • Alex Wolfe • Billy Keyes • Blase Ur • Craig Fahner • Deren Guler • Duncan Boehle • Eli Rosen • Evan Sheehan • Heather Knight • Joe Medwid • John Brieger • Jonathan Ota • Ju Young Park • Kaushal Agrawal • Kelsey Lee • Luci Laffitte • Luke Loeffler • Madeline Gannon • Mahvish Nagda • Nicholas Inzucchi • Nir Rachmel • Sam Lavery • Sankalp Bhatnagar • Sarah Keeling • Varvara Toulkeridou • Xing Xu • Zack Jacobson-Weaver ///// AND ///// From Ali Momeni’s class, Digital Fabrication for the Arts: Caroline Record • Alan Herman • Paul Miller • Justin Lin • Alex Rothera • Alex Mallard • Max Perim • William Crownover • Nathan Trevino

5:00pm-7:30pm Thursday, May 3 2012
At the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
CMU College of Fine Arts, CFA-111
Free to the public / Refreshments will be served.
Here’s a map — http://bit.ly/cmucfa

Poster design: Eunice Chung