Helena Sarin

Steiner Invitation Series Speaker


Helena Sarin is one of the world’s foremost artists working with artificial intelligence to generate images. A former software engineer, she works with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) whose unpredictability inspires, unblocks, speaks to our perception in unexpected ways. After leaving the Soviet Union, Sarin spent more than twenty years at Bell Labs, designing commercial communication systems and developing computer vision software. While she has always worked with technology, she moonlighted in the applied arts and photography. But art and software ran as parallel tracks in her life. Over the past five yeas, Sarin has developed a second, international career in new media arts; her work has appeared in virtually every significant exhibition exploring the intersection of the arts and artificial intelligence. At CMU, Sarin spoke to students in Professor Golan Levin’s course, Interactivity and Computation for Creative Practice, in the School of Art.