Ersela Kripa

Steiner Invitation Series Speaker


Ersela Kripa is a registered architect and professor in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University. Her interests center on hackable infrastructures: research and visualizations that focus on using data to transfer agency to marginalized urban communities by operating where hacker culture meets the city, cataloging, analyzing, and co-opting ways in which citizens intersect with urban systems. Kripa uses design as an empowering tool for agency in public space. Her work is located on the U.S. Mexico border where she maps trans-border shared ecologies, urbanism, infrastructures and exposes binational systems of control that affect human rights. At CMU, Kripa spoke on Front: Military Urbanisms and the Developing World to students as part of a mini-lecture series in Professor Dana Cupkova’s Introduction to Ecological Design and Thinking class in the School of Architecture.