Better Together – An Inquiry into Collective Art Practice

(2007) Robin Hewlett

This report documents the collective residencies, as well as a symposium titled Creativity in Collective, which took place in November 2006 at Carnegie Mellon University. The work of STUDIO fellows such as Critical Art Ensemble, subRosa, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Nathan Martin, and Grisha Coleman represent an important trend in art making.

“Better Together: An Inquiry into Collective Art Practice”. ed. Robin Hewlett. STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, 2007. PDF

The invited panelists were Jim Costanzo of REPOhistory; Carl DiSalvo of Carbon Defense League; Dara Greenwald of Pink Blogue and Samaras Project, among others; John Leanos of Burning Wagon Collective; and Hyla Willis of suRosa. Other artists participating in the symposium included: Bob Bingham (professor of Art), Peter Burr (Portland, OR-based artist), Jim Duesing (professor of Art), Curt Gettmann (Pittsburgh-based artist), Josh McPhee (Troy, NYbased artist), Ally Reeves (Pittsburgh-based artist), Shaun Slifer (Pittsburgh-based artist) and Suzie Silver (Professor of Art).