Gray Matters: The Brain Movie

(1996) Patricia Maurides, Rob Fisher, et al.

From the project titled “Tracking the Human Brain” came “Gray Matters: The Brain Movie”, an interactive multimedia planetarium show about the human brain. The show is a production led by Rob Fisher, Patricia Maurides, and Paul Vanouse of the STUDIO, and John Pollock of the joint University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, in collaboration with the Carnegie Science Center and was funded by the National Science Foundation, Evans and Sutherland, and the Buhl Foundation. The show’s content is based on the latest brain research (*as of 1996, the year of completion) and linked to National Science Education Standards.

“Through the use of robust interactive technologies, the presentation [casts] the audiences in the role of neurons which collectively emulate the functionality of the human brain.”

Gray Matters: The Brain Movie.

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