Meet Computational Biologist Wendy Cornell

Hello STUDIO Friends and Fellows:

Tomorrow, we will host Wendy Cornell, a guest of the Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology.
She is an expert in biomedical research and the visualization of compounds in the drug discovery field. She works for Merck Research Laboratories. Her talk is at 11 am on Friday at Gates Hillman 6501.  Her 45 minute visit with us is after that, at 2 pm.

She says she “will be speaking about methods to search databases of compounds that have been made as part of drug discovery projects in order to find ones that are similar to a known “active”. It is actually an interesting problem to think about how to visually display such databases.” Title of the talk is “Comparison of 2D Similarity, 3D Similarity, and QSAR methods for Identification of Active Compounds.”

But that is not why she is visiting us.  She’s interested in what the STUDIO does. So I invite you all to stop by if you have the time just to meet her, and describe what you are doing and to bring others that you think might be interested.

From the Department’s website
“Computational biology is being recognized as an essential and indispensable field in biomedical research. This has gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to the availability of high computing power to scientists, development of user-friendly graphical-user interfaces in commonly used software applications, and the efficiency with which these studies can be carried out.”

And an older article about her (no longer at Novartis).