Recipients of Frank-Ratchye Grants (2013-)

The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry administers the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier — an endowment to encourage the creation of innovative artworks by the members of the Carnegie Mellon University community. This page lists the faculty, staff and students who have received Frank-Ratchye Grants since the inception of the fund in May, 2012. (Gaps in the numeric sequence indicate projects which have not yet concluded.)

Grants By Year

ID Applicant Name Affiliation Project title
2013-01 Sarah Keeling Student Hose-Cream I
2013-02 Yotam Haimberg Student Flux
2013-03 Hawkins & Godshaw Student Bubble
2013-05 Matt Forrest Staff Hand 2 Hand
2013-07 Carl Bajandas Student Soft Power
2013-08 Dan Wilcox Student Robot Cowboy: Onward to Mars
2013-10 Fereshteh Shahmiri Student Paradox
2013-11 Felipe Castelblanco Student Re-Tratos
2013-12 Yvonne Hidle Student Bird-Eye
2013-13 Anna von Reden Student Fighting {S}Words
2013-15 Rich Pell Faculty Catalog of Post Natural Organisms
2013-16 Parsons & Jeffers Student Recursionism
2013-17 Madeline Gannon Student Reverberating Across the Divide
2013-18 Larry Shea Faculty Interference Machines
2013-19 Liss C. Werner Faculty [En]Coding Architecture
2013-20 Emily Wobb Student Minivan Drop
2013-21 Lowry Burgess Faculty 4th International Space Arts Workshop
2013-22 Max Hawkins Student Call in the Night
2013-23 Caroline Record Student Poet-achine
2013-24 Lazrus & McIntosh Student Small Bones
2013-25 Joshua Lopez-Binder Student Sculptural Biomimetic Heat Sinks
2013-26 Mary Tsang Student Plants of the Future
2013-27 Biar & Bueno Student Peek
2013-36 Gaskill & Hammer Student Shy
2013-38 Michelle Ma Student Revolving Games