Recipients of Frank-Ratchye Grants (2013-)


The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry administers the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier — an endowment to encourage the creation of innovative artworks by the members of the Carnegie Mellon University community. This page lists the faculty, staff and students who have received Frank-Ratchye Grants since the inception of the fund in May, 2012.

Grants By Year

ID Applicant Name Affiliation Project title
2013-01 Sarah Keeling Student Hose-Cream I
2013-02 Yotam Haimberg Student Flux
2013-03 Hawkins & Godshaw Student Bubble
2013-04 Riley Harmon Staff Passengers: Solaris
2013-05 Matt Forrest Staff Hand 2 Hand
2013-06 CMU Computer Club Student Warhol Data Recovery
2013-07 Carl Bajandas Student Soft Power
2013-08 Dan Wilcox Student Robot Cowboy: Onward to Mars
2013-10 Fereshteh Shahmiri Student Paradox
2013-11 Felipe Castelblanco Student Re-Tratos
2013-12 Yvonne Hidle Student Bird-Eye
2013-13 Anna von Reden Student Fighting {S}Words
2013-15 Rich Pell Faculty Catalog of Post Natural Organisms
2013-16 Parsons & Jeffers Student Recursionism
2013-17 Madeline Gannon Student Reverberating Across the Divide
2013-18 Larry Shea Faculty Interference Machines
2013-19 Liss C. Werner Faculty [En]Coding Architecture
2013-20 Emily Wobb Student Minivan Drop
2013-21 Lowry Burgess Faculty 4th International Space Arts Workshop
2013-22 Max Hawkins Student Call in the Night
2013-23 Caroline Record Student SHE
2013-24 Lazrus & McIntosh Student Small Bones
2013-25 Joshua Lopez-Binder Student Sculptural Biomimetic Heat Sinks
2013-26 Mary Tsang Student Plants of the Future
2013-27 Biar & Bueno Student Peek
2013-29 Patra Virasathienpornkul Student Through the Lens
2013-30 Paolo Pedercini Faculty Arcade Backpack
2013-31 Robb Godshaw Student Lunar Persistence Apparatus
2013-32 Sarah Keeling Student Yours, Mine, Theirs, Ours: It and Us
2013-35 Jonathan Armistead Student On Selfiness
2013-36 Gaskill & Hammer Student Shy
2013-38 Michelle Ma Student Revolving Games
2013-39 Rafael Abreu-Canedo Student Eye Contact
2013-40 Lazae Laspina Student An Experimental Space
2013-41 Oreen Cohen Student Between a Stone and a Shrine
2013-42 John Ozbay Student Conversus Vitra
2013-43 Harp & Silver Faculty Toadstools and Dragonflies
2014-02 Zhiwan Cheung Student Mines’ Eye
2014-03 Kevin Karol Student Isolation: A Collaborative Piece
2014-04 Andrew & Gurysh Faculty H3O
2014-05 Cowie & Gonzales Student Center for Restroom Equality
2014-06 Maddy Varner Student 5-Star Graffiti
2014-07 Evan Shimizu Student Lumiverse
2014-08 Marlena Abraham Student Crossing the Beams (for Science!): An Interaction Laboratory
2014-10 Harrison Apple Student Lucky After Dark
2014-11 Joshua Reiman Faculty Panning for the Immaterial
2014-12 Tyler Porten Student OTAKU: A DIGITAL MANGA
2014-13 Jonathan Minard Student CLOUDS
2014-14 Miles Peyton Student New Clinic for Sensory Vitality
2014-17 Lea Albaugh Staff Clothing for Moderns
2014-19 Konicek and Kappula Staff, Student Fissure and Quake
2014-20 John Choi Student Halley, Ambassador Robot
2014-21 Kim Beck Faculty Cold War Medal Maker
2014-23 David Gordon Student The Gastromancer : A Portable Sound Projector
2014-26 Karadayi & Fischer Student HealthCat: KibbleControl
2014-29 Kaisth & Chin Student Artificial Linings
2014-30 Hansen & Marder Student Encountering the Unseen
2014-33 John Mars Student LAYERd
2014-42 Lowry Burgess Faculty MoonArk
2014-50 Cheung, Pillis, & Wulfman Student Intergalactic Immigration Office
2014-51 Kim Beck Faculty Open Engagement: Place and Revolution
2014-53 Clayton & Wright Faculty Two Itinerant Quilters
2014-64 Elizabeth Imas Student Experimental Comics
2014-65 Jesse Kauppila Student Lace School
2014-66 Zhiwan Cheung Student Good Vibrations
2014-67 Spike Wolff Faculty Soft Circuits: Creating Circuitry and Sensors with Textiles
2014-68 Miranda Jacoby Student Extinguishing Bodies
2014-70 Rachel Ciavarella student Chatbots
2014-71 Kevin Ramser student #NOWSEETHIS Visuals
2014-72 Jones, Marano, Quinlan, Taylor Student Circuit Breakers
2014-78 Jesse Stiles faculty Blue Name
2014-79 Yeliz Karadayi student The Guided Hand Project
2015-01 Katie Rose Pipkin Student phenomenon Is this the glass wall
2015-02 Jakob Marsico Faculty TrafficLights
2015-04 Lauren Goshinski Staff Additivism Residency: Critical Approaches to 3D Printing
2015-08 Claire Hentschker Student shining360
2015-09 Sadler & Stiles Student Incarnate
2015-10 John Choi Student Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator
2015-11 Amy Friedman Student Competitive Togetherness: Encouraging Positive Health-Related Behaviors
2015-12 Beynon & Loney Student Lovushke
2015-13 Daniel Curtis Faculty CMU Contemporary Ensemble: Daniel Variations & Ballet Mecanique
2015-14 Nima Dehghani Student Home Tweet Home
2015-16 Angela Washko Faculty The Game: The Game
2016-02 Zhiwan Cheung Student The Impossibility Of Home
2016-11 Copeland and Archer Student Mobile Greenhouse Bike
2016-14 Ben Snell Student Experimental Radio
2016-17 Kevin Karol Student The Norm is Monstrous
2016-18 Robert Zacharias Student Human-Robot Painting Study
2016-21 Dyani Robarge Student Sprout Terrarium
2016-23 Jen Liu Student Field Computing: Portable Workspace
2016-24 Zhiwan Cheung Student Video-Sync
2016-25 Adam Milner Student Remains
2016-26 Nick Crockett Student CONFRONTING THE FRUITFORM
2016-27 Samantha Mack Student Building A Laptop To Study Abroad
2016-40 Stiles & Iott Student The Girls Are Home
2016-42 Dan Sakamoto Student Living Room
2016-44 Ben Snell Student Samson
2018-10 Syuen-Cheng Sun Student How To Put On a Sock
2018-18 Sinan Goral Student Mycelium as a Remediator of the Anthropocentric Condition: Rethinking the Brute Force Implications of Progressive-Assembly with Organic Self-Assembly
2018-26 Jessica Medenbach Student Transient Forest
2018-32 Joshua Brown Student The Treachery of Birds
2018-36 Caroline Hermans Student Alarm Sundial
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