University Artist-in-Residence Programs
(2013) Golan Levin

This document presents a benchmarking survey of university-based artist-in-residence programs across the United States, with a particular focus on issues related to intellectual property policies and research in the field(s) of new-media arts.

Readings in Performance and Ecology
(2012) Theresa J. May, Wendy Arons

Readings in Performance and Ecology
Edited by: Wendy Arons (Assoc. Professor of Dramaturgy, CMU), Theresa J. May (Asst. Professor of Theatre Arts, U. Oregon).
This ground-breaking collection focuses on how theatre, dance, and other forms of performance …

New Art / Science Affinities
(2011) Andrea Grover, et al.

The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University have co-published “New Art/Science Affinities,” a 190 page book written and designed in one week by four authors ( Andrea Grover, …

Better Together – An Inquiry into Collective Art Practice
(2007) Robin Hewlett

This report documents the collective residencies, as well as a symposium titled Creativity in Collective, which took place in November 2006 at Carnegie Mellon University. The work of STUDIO fellows such as Critical Art Ensemble, subRosa, Institute …

Benthic Organisms

This paper  gives a brief overview of some of the m~or groups of organisms that can be found in various aquatic systems. It was designed for a class as that was part of the 3 Rivers …

Riparian Plants – Along the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh

As part of the 3 Rivers 2nd Nature project this paper illustrates various reparian plants along the three rivers of Pittsburgh and demonstrates their importances.

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